Tawoo style coming to Swansea!

We are super excited to announce a workshop day of groovy taiko in Swansea with Ingmar Kikat and Kaori Shiozawa on Saturday 2nd November 2024. 

Ingmar and Kaori will teach the basics of the Tawoo style, which is very flowy and groovy and tribal, through the most fun piece ever – Jambo! In Jambo you will find big beats, polyrhythms and strong base rhythms that come together to give a compelling piece. 

You can take it back to your group and even if Tawoo is not your regular style, you will benefit from learning to use your body for a powerful and funky taiko.

The day will be suitable for those who are playing Taiko regularly for at least one year.

  • Date: 2nd November 2024
  • Time: 10:00-17:30 with breaks for refreshments and light lunch during the day
  • Venue: Brangwyn Hall, Guildhall Rd S, Swansea SA1 4PE 
  • Cost: £85
  • Dinner together at the end of the day
  • Food not covered by the cost above.

To register and for more details, please drop us a line at aber.taiko@gmail.com. When signing up, please indicate if you can bring one or more shime and/or Okedo with you.

Check out information on the Tawoo style and teachers:

Tawoo & GOCOO

Tawoo Dojo, a school for taiko in Tokyo and GOCOO, the professional taiko touring band were founded in 1997 and led by the charismatic Kaoly Asano. They are known for their unconventional and groundbreaking way of playing taiko, which utilises the body in a very natural way and brings out lots of groove and connection between the player and the music, as well as the individual and the group. In Europe Tawoo now has two branches, one of them being Kion Dojo in Hamburg, Germany, where Ingmar Kikat has been teaching taiko in a “Tawoo“ way since 2006. The second one is in Lisbon, where Kaori Shiozawa has been teaching Tawoo style since 2021.

Ingmar Kikat

Ingmar first started with learning classical percussion and was a member of rock bands, youth orchestras and percussion ensembles. On his first trip to Japan in 1998 he got in touch with taiko for the first time. From 2001 he began spreading taiko in northern Germany with the first taiko group from Hamburg, Tengu Daiko. After living in Japan 2004-2005 and studying with Tawoo Dojo & GOCOO in Tokyo, Ingmar founded his own school Kion Dojo in 2006. Besides teaching in Hamburg and in Germany, Ingmar has also been giving workshops in various countries in Europe, the USA and Japan. Taiko fascinated Ingmar from early on, because it is challenging on various levels and it brings people together!

Kaori Shiozawa

Kaori is from Tokyo/Japan and teaches piano, flute and taiko. She became a member of Tawoo Dojo (lead by Kaoly Asano) in 2004 and has also toured with GOCOO. After living in Brazil for 8 years and founding “Tawoo Brasil“ in São Paulo, she has now moved to Portugal and brought taiko to Lisbon, where taiko is still new and fresh.

April Taiko Workshop

Our next workshop will be on the 28th April 2024, 11:00-12:30. Open to all 12 years old and above – suitable for families, groups of friends or individuals who love drumming and want to try this energetic and loud art form in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

You will be shown the basics through a simple and engaging drum-song. You can expect to feel the beats through your core, use your whole body to drum, be challenged by some nice interlocking rhythms, and work up a sweat. This drumming form incorporates big movement of the arms, a bit of dancing, and use of our voices. It is so uplifting you will come out excited and smiling.

Venue: Gors community hub, Heol Y Gors, Swansea SA1 6SA 
Cost: Pay on a sliding scale between £8-£15. £15 is for those in work and/or comfortable. £8 for young people or those unwaged. Find yourself on that scale, no questions asked.
Booking is essential!
 email us: 
aber.taiko@gmail.com to book and for details on payment 

More Taiko drumming workshops!

Our second Taiko workshop in 2024 is open to all 12+.

Much fun was had in our January workshop. There were 8 people aged 17-‘ancient’. Some completely new to Taiko, some have been before to one of our courses. They learnt how to approach the drums, and quite a few basic rhythms that interlaced with each other. The drums were loud, and it was really nice to see people smiling when enjoying a new cool combination of hits and choreography. We had the big drum out as well, and had a round of really energetic playing. It wasn’t just about drumming – a really nice time was spent together, meeting new people and old friends, catching up after a few years, seeing children growing up.

We are continuing with this offering of a monthly opportunity to get hooked on Taiko.

Come with your family or your friends, make music, increase your heart rate, and be LOUD .

Drum line, ready for one of our summer gigs

Sunday 25th February, 11:00-12:30
Gors community hub, Heol Y Gors, Swansea SA1 6SA 

Adults: £15/ £11 concessions
Young people: (12-18): £10/ £8 concessions
Booking Essential!!
 email us: aber.taiko@gmail.com  to book and for details on payment