Miyake Workshop with Pete Goodman 17th Sep 2016

Our next ‘Swansea Year of Taiko’ day is a Miyake day. Throughout the day there will be workshops for children and adults, with the assumption that everyone is a beginner. Please contact us for booking and payment, details are on the flyer below.

Pete Goodman, who studied taiko in general and Miyake taiko specifically between 3 to 5 times a week over 4 years in Japan will teach it to us.

Miyake taiko originates from Miyake-jima, an island south of Tokyo. It is played primarily on miya-daikos (temple drums) that are positioned horizontally. It radiates raw power and its relatively simplistic patterns will get everyone, players and audience alike, involved and captivated by the rhythm.

Miyake is said to take a few hours to pick up, but a lifetime to master (much like taiko itself – the journey is more important than the final destination). Due to the connections that Pete’s group teacher and taiko master Asamoto-Sensei made during his time with KODO, they were fortunate to be able to be taught several times a year by the Tsumura Sensei and his three sons. The Tsumura family are the grand masters of Miyake Taiko in Japan and have taught several groups in Japan.

Pete's Workshop Swansea Sep-2016

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