Taiko workshops Winter 2018

We are excited to offer some more opportunities to play Taiko in the winter of 2018. There will be 3 workshops – in January, February and March.

Upcoming workshops for adults (16+):

Dates: 10th February sold out and 10th March sold out
Time: 15:15 – 16:45

Please contact us if you wish to go on our waiting list.

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Registration of interest for Taiko courses and workshops

Taiko drumming is a fun activity for all ages and abilities. It improves stamina, strength and sense of rhythm. As a group activity it creates opportunities for building friendships and communities. The sound of the drums played together is exciting and empowering!

We are preparing new courses and workshops to start October 2017.

If you want to give it a go please register your interest here:
Registration of interest for Taiko courses and workshops


Gig on the 5th of June 2016 @ 360 Café, Seafront, Swansea

We performed on Sunday the 5th of June at 360 Café Bar in Swansea, the weather was being very kind 🙂

The gig started at 1:00 and was free for all. It was part of the initiative called ‘Wake Up Drums‘ initiated by Tsunagari taiko centre in Paris.

We started with three strong beats, played at 100% energy, to wake people up to improve their lives:

We then carried on to play all of our songs, and some of our younglings were brave enough to perform a song brought to us all the way from Sado Island by James Barrow: