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    My idea is that at the end of January 2017 (actually 28th) we will have a concert that will include us, TMD, James and Alison. The concert will celebrate the project and all we have achieved. That Saturday is the last Saturday of January, which for the last 2 years meant a day with James. So in my mind the concert will fit nicely with a workshop with James beforehand. We have £150 in the budget to pay TMD for a concert. We would need to see how much more we have left over from the project money after Liz’s day. Maybe the treasurers can give a careful guess? I was thinking that we could sell tickets for £5 to fund the event i.e pay the hall, Alison and James. Please have a think about this and lets bounce ideas: can we do this? its a lot of organising! should we sell tickets? any other idea of fundraising? the floor is yours

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