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    Do we charge for gigs, and if so how much do we ask for?
    What do we do with the money?

    1. All goes to Aber Taiko account
    2. Some goes to Aber Taiko account and some gets divided by players
    3. Accounts travel expenses, then players
    4. Other suggestions?

    For charity events I suggest we don’t charge a fee within Swansea area, and we only charge a small fee for traveling costs outside Swansea area (e.g. £25-50).

    For events that sell tickets, I would propose a lower flat rate (e.g. £50-100) for smaller events, and a higher flat rate (e.g. £200) for bigger events and festivals, plus a flat rate of travelling costs (e.g. £50) if it is outside Swansea area.

    Then we give the travelling fee to the drivers, and the gig fee could be split between the players and Aber Taiko account. This seems a good deal for all to me; whoever turned up to play gets something, but the group gains too from every gig we do.


    I agree that for charities that we want to support then it would be reasonable to play for free and to only charge for expenses outside of Swansea.

    For commercial events Yanis’ pricing structure sounds reasonable as a baseline but for expenses it maybe needs to be worked out for each gig. Standard reimbursement for the drivers should be around 40p per mile as that it what HMRC allows before it says it should be taxed. It takes in to account both fuel and wear and tear. For a trip to Cardiff that would be around £32 so maybe travel expenses should be calculated per gig depending on how many cars are going and distance.

    Whether individual members get paid is a bigger question. Our current constitution says that members should not profit from activities. More thought needed on this maybe. Expenses should be paid though – see above.


    I too would like to support 1-2 charities for free, such as the ty-hafan one. We could also raise money gor playing 2 hours if Sarah would rather drum than run 😀.
    As for gigs in festivals lets play it by ear as we did for the chilli festival. Expenses should be payed to drivers unless they decline. Maybe next time we give a quote to an out of town gig we should quote separately for travel.
    My personal preferance is not to travel too far and keep it local and easy. Somewhere between Gower and Ogmore by Sea!

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    I think supporting a local charity is a good idea, but experience of playing with Samba Tawe warrants a couple of observations.
    1. Aim to limit our support of chosen charity to no more than two years at a time.
    2. ‘Gift’ one free performance per year at an event organised by the charity. Any more and we apply our ‘regular’ fee. Consider applying traveling expenses.
    3. If/when we busk allow the charity to collect, but they must be responsible for providing the collectors and arranging the appropriate permit with the Council.

    We should be aiming to ‘supply’ a quality performance at all our appearences and therefore should consider a flat rate appearence fee. This eliminates the need for a complicated sliding scale and the set of rules to go with it. In addition to the appearence fee, travel expenses to be applied for appearences outside Swansea.

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