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Mailing List

We use MailChimp as our newsletter platform. If you subscribe to our mailing list, your name and email is handled by MailChimp in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms.


We use PayPal and Stripe to handle payments, when you sign-up for a workshop or a course. Your bank card details and personal information are processed and stored securely by these payment services. We do not handle or store any payment details directly in our website.

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Courses and Workshops

When you sign-up for a workshop or a course we will add your name and email to a spreadsheet for our administration purposes. This spreadsheet is stored in Google Drive and several group members that are involved with teaching or admin have access to it. We don’t keep this information longer than necessary.

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Our site uses “cookies” (small pieces of data) to store information in your browser’s memory. Some of these cookies are essential to make our site work.

Our website also uses third-party tools like Google Analytics to give us website traffic statistics, and YouTube video player to allow you to watch videos directly from our site.

These third-party tools will also store cookies (known as “third-party cookies”) which will identify your device (and you as well if you have a Google account) when you visit other Google services, or other websites that use Google services (which is very common).

Cookies usually get deleted after a period, or you can delete them manually (or block them altogether) from your browser’s settings.

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Cookies used in our site
NamePurposeGets deleted
Essential: Used for anti-spam functionsAfter a short time or when you close your browser
_wpss_p_ , _wpss_h_Essential: Used for anti-spam functionsAfter a short time or when you close your browser
PHPSESSIDEssential: This cookie is used to establish a user session and is a reference to a unique session ID set by our website code.After a short time or when you close your browser
 PYPFSet by PayPal while you are making a payment for a workshop or course.After a short time or when you close the tab or browser
YouTube cookiesSeveral cookies are set by YouTube when there is a video player on the page.Varies