Regular Activities

We hold a 2.5-hour practice session every week. The session will start with a short warm up and stretching. We will almost always work on the basics of stance, ji-uchi, strike and grip using specific drills, and then move on to practice one (or more…) of the songs in our repertoire, or learn a new song.

From time to time Alison Roe – a former performing member of Mugenkyo who now plays with Painted X-Ray – comes to teach us basics of taiko with a special focus on Hokuriku style.

Twice a year Ting-Chi Li of the SFTD in London will come for a day to teach us various styles and songs. She taught us Hiryu San Dan Gaeshi and now we study Naname style with her.

Between us, we currently have 6 Nagados, 4 Okedos, 3 Shimes and 6 Hiras. We also have 3 tyre taikos and a few black bin taiko which we made ourselves before we had actual drums to play on.

Currently we are 12 members, and we are working on everybody’s knowledge of form (kata) and repertoire.

From time to time we run beginners courses and open workshops so please watch our news page for information on those or simply join our mailing list.