Taiko at the Tanabata Festival in Cardiff National Museum

Tanko Bushi – lots of people joined in to this miner’s summer dance
cross-hands en-route

The Tanabata festival was one of those very special events where a taiko performance is a natural and a central part of the goings on. For us it was a perfect opportunity to fully enjoy what we do and to spread the spirit of taiko playing. We had as much floor space as we wanted, we were given the freedom to do it our way, and ample time for setting up, playing, teaching workshops and facilitating the ‘Tanko Bushi’ dance. We are very thankful to the national museum of Cardiff and specifically to Victoria for having us and making everything so smooth and easy.

Family workshop – one of about 12 we ran during the weekend
some down-time in Cardiff bay


KIZUNA – a new exhibition in Cardiff Museum

This stunning exhibition was launched on the 14th of June. High ranking officials from both Wales and Japan came to express the friendship between the two countries. We played our drums and expressed our #taikolove on the steps of the museum. We played traditional and new pieces side by side.

The love of taiko knows no borders – and when we play we feel some affinity to the Japanese roots of this art form. We are not Japanese but some of us encountered taiko in Japan and with those of us who only saw a performance live or on TV in the UK – we are all absolutely smitten by the taiko drums  and everything that comes with them – fun, excitement, connection, self expression, community, good health and good spirits.